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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Clarks Boots: Never out of trend!

    Clarks Desert Boots

    The Desert Boots from Clarks are a timelessly fashionable items. From time to time, generations of teenagers (re-)discover this model as it was the first time they were out, but in reality had been launched back in 1949.

    The suede leather, the rubber sole and that typical manufacturing that is called "ideal", the typical "sight" stitching all along the shape of the boot. It has never changed, faithful to a philosophy that conjugates nature and comfort for the feet. It's been an icon for youngsters back in the '70 and '80, coming back strongly here and there and then disappearing again.

    For the next season, expect it to be one hot item to wear. Even Liam Gallagher, from the Oasis band, asked Clarks to make his own customized Desert Boots.

    Apart from the many versions that we've seen all these past years, in my opinion, the classic version in beige, ice gray or blue suede remain the most attractive and refined, yet simple model. What do you think?

  • Choose the right fit for your suit jacket

    Despite women say that all men are equal, that is not true! Fortunately, I’d say! Therefore we cannot assume that every jacket suggested by the salesperson in a store will fit you perfectly. Same thing said with suits bought online.

    The secret to make the right purchase is knowing your personal body characteristics. This way you will avoid you making too many trips back and forth to the store (or returns to your online store) and will make sure you choose the jacket that will highlight your body structure.

    There are many jacket types to choose from, single or double breasted, number of buttons, pockets, vents, etc., which means it is not as simple as someone might think.

    So let’s analyze some of the most common body structure and what looks best for them.


    Tall Gentlemen (above 6 ft 1 in. - 185 cm) look better with single breasted 3 button jackets, which will proportion better their height with being lean.

    The sleeves shouldn’t be too long, ideally 1 inch of the shirt sleeve should stick out (this creates an optical illusion that will “shorten” the arm and moves the attention to your face). Side vents are also strongly advised as it creates a fuller silhouette.

    For what concerns the length of the jacket, I suggest you pick a “Long” sized jacket to cover up the length of your legs and to be more proportioned with the rest of your body.

    The lapels should not be the “skinny” type, but rather the larger ones to make your shoulders look wider. One last suggestion: pick solid colors or plaid (Prince of Wales patterns).


    Shorter Gentlemen (below 5 ft 8 in – 172 cm)  will obviously look better with a jacket that will maximize their height.

    A single breasted one or two button jacket is in fact the best choice. Jackets with a longer “V”, will make the torso look slimmer. Side vents as well will help to attract the attention to the side figure and will create an “illusion” of height.

    If you need a double breasted suit, then you should make sure the jacket has skinny and high lapels.

    Avoid 3 buttons, they will make you look shorter. A third pocket should also be avoided.


    The perfect fit

    Gentlemen with a more “robust” physic should go for a look that minimizes their “horizontal” features and maximizes the “vertical” ones. Single breasted suits with one or two button will stretch the look of the torso and therefore make the figure look slimmer. Slim and high lapels are also suggested to stretch the overall look of your body.

    Avoid the ticket pocket as it “fills” up your look and does no good to your attempt to slim your figure (at least in the way you look!).

  • Pitti Uomo 2011

    A show on menswear trends, actually “the” Italian show for excellence: Pitti UOMO.
    This most innovative show ever shows how men integrate with style and elegance.

    The contemporary-essential man

    What emerges from the collections seen at Pitti Uomo is the consistent research in combining technology, tradition and top quality materials. A great mix that brings a dose of optimism that, despite the financial uncertainties, confirms the comeback of fashion after a very dark period.

    Just as the Pitti Uomo CEO Raffaello Napoleone says: modernity and technology conjugated to tradition. Light fabrics, soft and eco-friendly, with a vintage touch, from used jeans to leather jackets, all the way to the classic business suit.

    Brunello Cucinelli, president and CEO of Gruppo BRUNELLO CUCINELLI said:

    ‘I find this edition of Pitti very interesting, and I would double the “very”. Buyers are coming with good budgets, on the average 5% higher than last season’s. And there is a significant number of buyers from new markets – China, South America, the ex-Soviet Union – who are looking for high quality, refined products, and this is a segment where Made in Italy means important added value.

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